Our vineyard

Our vineyard

Where we are

We made the decision to call ourselves «Un Coin Sur Terre» or « A Place on Earth » with the goal of highlighting the « Earth » ; the most important aspect of our business, our vineyard and our wines… and « A Place » called Vauvert where we are based and continue to « grow ».

Our vines are among the most southern in the Rhone Valley as they are located on the outskirts of the region known as Carmargue.
You can find them at the center of a triangle formed by the cities of Nîmes, Montpellier and Arles, in the midst of the Petite « Little » Camargue at the junction of the Languedoc and Provence regions in France.

There, you can find, among the hills of Costières, a very diverse landscape :
– To the south, the Camargue « natural treasure »and the Mediterranean Sea,
– To the west, the Cévennes Mountains,
– To the north, the Mont Ventoux,
– To the east, the Alpilles Mountains.


The Petite Camargue shares its culture, its land and its economy among various agricultural activities including ; the tradition of bulls (raising both horses and bulls which are a particular to the region), rice fields, vegetable and fruit cultivation and last, but not least, wine.

The surrounding ecosystem is protected as it is host to Scamandre pond as well as its observatory. You can also find an incredibly diverse climate including humid Mediterranean areas, bird nature reserves, and a variety wild flora and fauna.

When we know the role that the environment plays in agriculture and winemaking, we are ever increasingly appreciative of the natural beauty that surrounds us and our vines.

The Land

The land in « Costières » has a long history. The Rhone River plays an important role in the character of our wines.

Our vines are planted in soil which is « multi-faceted ».
– The topsoil is mostly composed of clay, silt and small stones called « Gress » brought by the Rhone.
– The subsoil is composed of clay and limestone.

These two layers complement one another and give the vines as well as the grapes a very good base on which to make balanced and expressive wines.

The Rhone valley is « swept », so to speak, by the strong winds known as the « mistral » which originate from the North and help to lift the humid air up and away.

In this way, our proximity to the Mediterranean and other bodies of water gives us a sunny climate and reduced risk of fall storms, which are prevalent in the region.



We began in 2015 with one hectare of Mourvèdre, and our wines are still mostly comprised of this Spanish varietal. It offers a rustic, yet unique character with all the historic relevance that the profession of winemaking evokes.


The Syrah was incorporated into our vineyard in 2016. This varietal is very lively, but also fragile.
From a taste point of view, this grape brings complexity as well as spice aromas to our wines. 

Carignan, Grenache, Cabernet Sauvignon

-1 ha of Carignan that is more than 50 years old 
-0.5 ha of Cabernet Sauvignon that is more than 40 years old 
-1 ha of Grenache as well as 1 ha of Syrah both around 20 years old

The Carignan and Grenache, each with their own meridional characteristics along with their age, allow an authentic and full-bodied wine… Think leather, blackberries, blackcurrants, and the famous garrigues.

The Cabernet Sauvignon, hailing from the Southwest of France, offers notes of grilled peppers that are sure to show up in your glass.

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