Lane Borden-Sentex

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Lane Borden-Sentex

I was born and grew up in New Orleans (Louisiana) in the US. This made me particularly interested in France from a very young age.

After finishing university, I started traveling, continuing my studies and working in various countries throughout the world, but there was always something that told me I would end up in France one day.

So, it was no surprise when I came to the South of France in 2012 to work on a vineyard in Vauvert (WWOOFING) that it felt like home. It was not just the culture, the landscapes, and the language, but it was also a young winemaker I happened to meet.

After several more travels, that same winemaker and I decided to return to Vauvert, the place where we fell in love, to start our life together as well as our business, “Un Coin Sur Terre,” our little place on Earth.

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