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Our Family

The moral and financial support of our families, the first link of our chain, has allowed Un Coin Sur Terre to see the light of day. On a day-to-day basis, despite the physical distance between us, they are our biggest motivator.

Domaine Cabanis

Jean Paul Cabanis is a dear friend and neighboring winemaker. We started a collaboration with him by way of mutual farming assistance. He also helps to guide us with his many years of experience.

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The Martin Festa Family

Jean Pascal and Florence are the owners of the vines that we are currently cultivating. Their goal is to encourage and contribute to sustainable agricultural development as well as to help young farmers in the area. They put their land in our hands.

Domaine Barbe Caillette

Pascal Pelorce and his wife very graciously opened the doors of their winery on the 10th of August 2017. It was on this day that a new partnership was born with Un Coin Sur Terre. We are so happy to call the cellar our home as it is such a practical, well-thought-out space and is helping us to put all of our energy into making great wine. A big thank you to them for their confidence and pleasant company. 



L’Addearg is a organization that helps farmers realize their ambitions. They have advised and aided us in finding the best tools to start our business as well as keep it growing.

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Coups d’pousses

Coups d’pousses is an agricultural business incubator. It is thanks to this organization that we were able to get started in 2015. Our partnership with them came to an end as expected at the beginning of 2018. It is with the status as a Young Farmer that we will now continue to develop Un Coin Sur Terre. Thank you to Hubert Raynaud from the Chamber of Agriculture for his help with our small business. The adventure continues!!!


Airdie is a bank. It has allowed us to get a loan to start our business. Its representatives also advised us while creating and implementing our crowdfunding campaign in 2015.

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De nos grappes à Vos verres is the name of the crowdfunding campaign we did in 2015. This financial tool allowed us to purchase our vinification materials. More than 90 people had faith in our business and contributed to our campaign so that our grapes could become wine.

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The Boisset Family

Lylian Boisset, his wife and their children entered the Un Coin Sur Terre partnership circle in February 2017. After having acquired and cultivated a little over 3 ha of vines for 3 years, they made the decision to rent out. It is thanks to them that Un Coin Sur Terre has been able to go from 2 ha to 5 ha of vines, allowing us to continue to develop.

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