Our vision

Our vision

Why Organic & Biodynamic Agriculture ?

Agriculture and farming is, for us, a complex science that man has been attempting to master for centuries. It seems that every decade, a new trend in farming emerges and changes everything we thought we knew. With that said, we don’t claim to have all the answers, but our goal is to learn more everyday. Agriculture is, in so many ways, what keeps us grounded. However, it seems that to work in farming today can sometimes mean choosing the most financially-focused decisions rather than the healthiest or most environmentally responsible.

This is why we, at Un Coin Sur Terre, have made the decision to practice Organic Agriculture. We try to work with nature, rather than against it, to avoid any unnecessary interference. It is our belief that when the plant is healthy and a good balance has been reached, the fruit will be the same. Certainly, organic farming practices are not « perfect », but they are, in our eyes, the best solution for what we want to achieve. Since 2019, we have started incorporating biodynamic practices into our work in the vines. Two goals in particular have brought us here:
-Reduce the amount of Organic Agriculture products used (Copper and Sulfur)
-Spend more time with the plants and land that are our livelihoods.

This translates into simple actions such as observing the lunar calendar and spraying the vines with various biodynamic « infusions » (nettles, field horsetail…).
The goal here to is to give the plant as well as ourselves, the winemakers, more tools in order to create a more harmonious relationship between the vines, the sky, the land, and us humans.

An authentic and reponsible wine

Once the grapes have reached the right stage of maturity, the decision concerning the harvest date is of utmost importance. To make the best decision, we take into account four important factors :
– The state of maturity (plot harvest)
– The health of the grapes (selection)
– Weather conditions (past, present, future…)
– The flavor profiles we are looking for (light, fruity, structured, concentrated).

The manual harvest helps us immensely in acheiving our goals because every grape passes through the hands of a harvester before it is put into a vat.
Our wines are classified as « organic » and are certified by an inspection organization known as « Ecocert ».
However, we want to produce a wine that is not only organic and respectful of its natural environment, but also good for those who drink it. For this, we use a technique called « soft » vinification.

This type of vinification uses specialized processes and equipment. The small containers involved in this process allow us to easily transport the grapes/wine (using gravity) with the least amount of « movement » and chemicals possible (sulfite and others…).
The goal is to avoid jostling the wine and to make it, therefore, stronger and more stable.
Thus, production of an authentic, eco-responsible and quality wine is possible.

A collaborative and inclusive project

We are very proud and count ourselves quite lucky to be surrounded with such a supportive and encouraging group of individuals and organizations.
Our responsibility, both for today and the future, is to continue as well as grow this idea in order to give back to those who have given so much to us and, of course, to produce the most authentic wine possible.

Throughout your visit on our website (built by a team of students from IUT University in Arles), you will find the various ways in which we collaborate with others and how we have all cooperated to make Un Coin Sur Terre a reality : crowdfunding, mutual farming aid, financial institutions, skill exchanges, consumer groups, startup incubators, and organic farming. These are the people, organizations and skills that make what we do possible.

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