2016 Rundown

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The end of the year is almost here, but we’re not resting on our laurels.

This harvest period showed us once again how wonderful our friends and family are to give their time and energy to help us as well as to share this experience… 

We can say here and now, just like last summer and fall, that people can and do come together to accomplish a goal… contrary to what others would have us believe. So thank you once again for all your hard work, your kind words, and most of all, your constant support!

Un Coin Sur Terre Upcoming Events: 

– November 21 to 25 2016 : Tying up and maintenance of the Syrah

– November 26 and 27 2016 : Natural Wine Festival (Les Quilles de Joie) in Souvignargues

– Monday December 5 : Start of pruning

– November to January : Tastings about every 10 days

– February : Blending of grape varieties/ Bottling


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