Our team

Our team

Un Coin Sur Terre is found in the Languedoc region of France, in what is known as La Petite Camargue on the outskirts of a small town called Vauvert. This vineyard/winery is born out of the imagination and inspiration of a young winemaker (Edouard Sentex), along with his wife (Lane Borden-Sentex) and those persons interested by this particular venture. Together, their objective is to develop the value and richness of this exceptional land as well as the people and environment that help to cultivate it.

Cultivating the vines, especially in a way that preserves and respects the surrounding environment and ecosystem, is the common goal we all share.
Producing an authentic, environmentally responsible, and high-quality wine through sustainable practices is our utmost priority.

Edouard Sentex

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Lane Borden-Sentex

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Un Coin Sur Terre was founded and has taken root in land and soil that has been in organic production since 1984… a tradition that is very important to us and one that we plan to continue for many years to come.

We use only organic agricultural practices as well as « soft » winemaking techniques to make our wine. The commonality that these approaches share is to have the utmost respect for the environment, the plant, the fruit, and last, but certainly not least, the consumers who purchase our products.

To reach our goals, we have the privilege of calling Vauvert home, having the know-how of a creative and imaginative winemaker, and being surrounded by people both near and far who help and support us in every endeavour.

Our Partners

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And you ?

Our business has seen the light of day in large part because of the people from around the world who believed in us : family, friends, colleagues and those with similar values. Having an inclusive and global view is our strength and certainly one of the core values of our business.
With that said, it is important to us to continue the trend and welcome any and all who wish to share in our adventure, whether it be in the form of ideas or advice, but also by way of partnerships, exchanges and offers. Please don’t hesitate to join our dynamic and ever-growing team !

Our Harvest

Our harvest festival is a time when our friends, family, and other wine lovers come to Un Coin Sur Terre to help us pick, stomp and celebrate the grapes that will be the next year’s wine. It has become an important moment for us and one you can see in this video. To watch, click in the bottom lefthand corner of the image to the left.

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Please don’t hesitate to join our dynamic
and ever-growing team!

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